Diaspora Interlink provides financial advice and facilitates investment in various investment products in Kenya, including: investment funds, banking and financial products, stocks, bonds, annuities, insurance etc


Investment Funds 

Investment funds pool the money of many investors and invest according to a specific strategy. Funds pool money from many investors and invest it according to a specific investment strategy. Funds can offer diversification, professional management and a wide variety of investment strategies and styles. There are different types of investment funds such as mutual funds, private investment funds.

Banking & other Financial Products

Banks and and other financial institutions like saccos can provide a safe and convenient way to accumulate savings—and some banks offer services that can help you manage your money. Checking and savings accounts offer liquidity and flexibility. Deposits at banks offer liquidity, making it easy for you to get to your funds for any reason—from day-to-day expenses to a down payment or money for unexpected emergencies. But remember, the interest you earn from bank products—including certificates of deposit (CDs)—tends to be lower than potential returns from other investments.


When you buy shares of a company’s stock, you own a piece of that company. Stocks come in a wide variety, and they often are described based the company’s size, type, performance during market cycles and potential for short- and long-term growth.  Whether you make or lose money on a stock depends on the success or failure of the company, which type of stock you own, and what’s going on in the stock market overall and other factors. Stocks can be an important component of a diversified investment portfolio.


 A bond is a loan an investor makes to a corporation, government, or other organization in exchange for interest payments over a specified term plus repayment of principal at the bond’s maturity date. Bonds and bond mutual funds often can be an important component of a diversified investment portfolio.


An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company, in which the company promises to make periodic payments starting immediately or at some future time. You buy an annuity either with a single payment or a series of payments called premiums. Some annuity contracts provide a way to save for retirement. Others can turn your savings into a stream of retirement income. Still others do both. If you use an annuity as a savings vehicle and the insurance company delays your pay-out to the future, you have a deferred annuity. If you use the annuity to create a source of retirement income and your payments start right away, you have an immediate annuity.


Insurance products often are developed to meet specific objectives. For example, long-term care insurance is designed to help manage health care expenses as you age.  Life insurance products are often a part of an overall financial plan. They come in various forms, including term life, whole life and universal life policies.

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