About Us

Who we are:

We are an organization that links the Kenyan diaspora to opportunities in Kenya and facilitates diaspora investment in Kenya. At Diaspora Interlink we believe in mutually beneficial linkages between the diaspora and their country of origin. 

Why we do what we do:

Many Kenyans in the diaspora are interested in seizing available opportunities in Kenya for personal and communal benefit but do not have adequate information about available opportunities and appropriate facilitation and linkages to exploit those opportunities. Diaspora Interlink therefore seeks to link the Kenyan diaspora to available opportunities at home and facilitate diaspora investment and other activities.


To leverage the potential  of the Kenyan diaspora to achieve a win-win situation for the diaspora and their home country- Kenya.


Our mission is to link the Kenyan diaspora to opportunities like investment in Kenya, by providing information about the existing opportunities, offering services to the Kenyan diaspora, as well as linking the diaspora to key organizations and institutions in Kenya that sell services/products to the diaspora.

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